Continuing the 40-year history of the LOLLY POP rubber boots for children, LOLLY POP boots are made from highly elastic and durable natural rubbers to give children unparalleled comfort and protection. The classic dual white stripes let your child play in the rainwith style. With light reflective surfaces for enhanced visibility during the night, the rubber boots give a little more security for when your child explores in the dark. For 40 years, the iconic style has caught the attention of many celebrity parents who has chosen to fit their children in the LOLLY POP rubber boots for their all-rounded protection and comfort, from the little prince charming of the British royal family, Prince George of Cambridge to the son of renowned actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr, Flynn Bloom etc. To celebrate LOLLY POP’s 40th anniversary, this season, 10 new colors have been added to the color palette. Alongside the classic Marine and Rouge, vibrant hues including Roi, Vermillon, Garden, Lagune and for the first time in HK a Silver color will be introduced to give children of Hong Kong a colorful twist in the rainy season.

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