French apparel AIGLE presents F/W19 When Functionality Meets Style

All-round weatherproof protection with GORE-TEX and GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER®


In time for the fall/winter seasons, French premium outdoor lifestyle apparel AIGLE presents a brand new collection for the fashion-savvy urbanites. Always having functionality and style in mind, this series of newly designed outerwear and footwear by AIGLE, in collaboration with GORE-TEX, whose waterproof, windproof, and yet highly breathable qualities can stand against the test of many weather conditions. Adding to that, the brand new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® technology presents a whole new dimension of water resistance, breathability and windproof performance with unparalleled comfort. With the two technologies combined, AIGLE’s latest collection equips every fashionista with all-round weather protection from the urban travelling to the great outdoors.

Fending off Extreme Weather with GORE-TEX

GORE-TEX has been keeping up the “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™” promise by offering one of the most trusted waterproof and windproof fabric technologies. The same promise has of course been upheld with AIGLE’s latest PONTRESINA AS Parka for ladies. Inspired by classic trench coat and peacoat designs, the coat’s silhouette, emphasizing on the Asian fit, offers a long, sleek cut with an asymmetrical collar, and is equipped with a Merino Wool Blended layer that adds extra warmth. The removable woolen collar makes it adaptable to different styles and occasions. While another design, the LONGIKANE mid-length parka, comes with a hood and air vents on the chest and back, and offers a sleeker, more feminine cutting. Stylish cool or sporty chic, the new AIGLE jackets has it taken care of for the ladies in the breezy season.



While for the men’s collection , AIGLE presents the brand new DALAVEN GORE-TEX jacket. The design evolves from the classic parka, which exudes modern functionalism and an outdoor vibe; added to it are the waterproof, windproof and breathable qualities from GORE-TEX. The DALAVEN jacket also incorporates the Thermo-Kit® system from AIGLE, which allows mix-and-match with different outer shells and inner linings with coordinating zippers, further enhancing its adaptability to the AIGLE French chic style. The outerwear notably comes in a single and two-panel colors to match one’s wardrobe.


Easing Comfort, Flexibility and Performance with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™

When waterproofness is not necessarily the top priority, but still a necessity to a certain degree, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, comes in handy. The latest technology stresses ultra-lightweight and windproof properties, while still retain a certain level of water resistance, thereby allowing comfort, flexibility and functionality on the apparel.

Among the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ series, AIGLE selected the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™WINDSTOPPER® technology for the TERNAN AS, YOKODOWN GD and INSULDOWN GD jackets in the latest collection. Completely windproof yet highly breathable, the air permeability of GORE-TEX INFINIUM™WINDSTOPPER® measures 1.0 cfm (< 5 l/m2/s) or less, with billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, letting moisture from sweat to evaporate from the inside, but still blocking out the wind on the outside.

With the high standard of GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER®, AIGLE’s TERNAN AS parka readies for a winter excursion. As the THERMOLITE® fabric provides unparalleled insulation with its hollow-core fibres, developed from scientific findings of the polar bears’ fur in which tiny air pockets are present. THERMOLITE® also allows faster evaporation with its larger surface area, while still retaining warmth and allowing ventilation. With its Asian fit, collar flaps on the front, zip fastening and buttons, TERNAN AS is perfect for an active adventure in the breezy season.


For the city girls, AIGLE’s GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® series present the latest YOKONDOWN GD down parka. Filled with 90/10 premium white goose down in a mid-to-full body length silhouette, the parka is tailored to keep the warmth with maximum comfort whether indoors or out. The water-resistant and windproof technology withstands light rain and snow, and both sides of the parka’s bottom hide zippers that allow greater flexibility and movement. Added for extra comfort are the fleece collar, adjustable cuffs and two way zippers, making YOKONDOWN GD a stylish yet functional staple for the fall/winter wardrobe. For the men’s counterpart, AIGLE presents the INSULDOWN GD down parka. Based on the same GORE-TEX INFINIUM™WINDSTOPPER® technology and filled with 90/10 premium white goose down, the INSULDOWN GD down jacket includes the aforementioned design highlights, like venting zippers on the sides, fleeced cuffs, multiple pockets and more, all fitted to a mid-length silhouette for a stylish season.



GORE-TEX Footwear Infused with a Modern Sensibility

Apart from the outerwear, the brand new AIGLE boots TL RETRO GTX also come with GORE-TEX technology that perfectly adapts to the active urban lifestyles. Waterproof, windproof yet highly breathable, the mid-rise model provides adequate ankle support and comfort with its sturdy and reliable construction. For ladies who seek for functional footwear in style, there are TL RETRO W GTX - laced with synthetic fur, the mid-rise boots provide extra comfort, warmth and protection. It’s warm, earthy leather tone with a modern, simplistic silhouette also complements with the stylish outdoor aesthetics.

TL RETRO GTX GORE-TEX Men’s Boots HK$2,380

TL RETRO W GTX GORE-TEX Women Boots HK$2,380