AIGLE Fall Winter 2016 presents the first brand film «The Badminton Game» based on the new mantra “FRENCH BUT WILD” across French, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan…etc.– signifies the brand’s back-to-basic spirit in this season.

The three characters in the film were wearing AIGLE’S signature products and playing a badminton game. With each rallies, they follow the shuttlecock and find themselves in a series of increasingly spectacular landscapes, up to the wildest summits. Regardless of being in the backyard garden, through the sea, woods, or even at the summit, AIGLE provides you whatever protection you need and makes you so connected with the nature. The movie’s classic French Cancan background music further accentuates the brand’s “French Touch”: a mindset of wittiness, playing and mixing with codes, without ever being pretentious. Just like what the mantra “FRENCH BUT WILD” explains - combining elegance, with a touch of humour.

AIGLE Collections are always designed to face severe climate and harsh conditions in the nature; which enables man to live in the wild without any limitations, aspiring to a life full of freedom, and hence live for a blooming life. As one of the classic brand in France, AIGLE has always stayed true to its unique protective “Know-how” technology, paying extra effort to live with the nature.