Inspired by a true passion of drawing, Margaux Motin is the genius behind the amazing blog she created over five years ago.

Always with a pencil at hand, Margaux captures daily moments and brilliantly shares these slices of life stories with a touch of humor and feminity. We are so pleased to announce you that we have just teamed up with this fascinating artist. Margaux contributed to make Miss Juliette real by illustrating 4 different Parisian girls: Fashionista, Bucolic, Rock and Classical-chic. Check out all her great work with a “girly” side, full of joie de vivre.

As a bonus… Enter the competition #MissJuliette and discover which styles suits you the best.


aigle-couleur-essai-2-campagne-.jpg aigle-couleur-essai-2-concert-b-.jpg aigle-couleur-essai2-parisienne.jpg aigle-couleur-velo-b.jpg