Equipped with the legacy of hand-making boots in France since 1853, AIGLE, the master rubber craftsman has reputed as premium as ‘Rolls-Royce’ in the industry. This season, AIGLE proudly brings you the new designed rubber boots, MACADAMES, inspired by Parisian elegance and a dash of rock and roll. In the names of ‘Macadam’ and ‘Dames’, MACADAMES represents the femininity of modern women. Let MACADAMES lead you on a trendy, stylish and surprised journey.

The fashionable design of MACADAMES reflects the unique personality of modern women in Hong Kong who are independent, spontaneous, perseverant and confident. Inspired by ‘’Rock and Roll’’, MACADAMES speaks out her strong personality, pursues and embraces nature by upholding the legacy of hand making boots in Châtellerault workshops and check individually to ensure they are 100% waterproof. Natural rubber imported from Africa and quick-dry polyamide fibre add style as well as comfort to the boots. Its detailed design is similar to that of a leather boot, with detachable double straps and matte metal buckles. MACADAMES has changed the stereotype of rain boots and allows you to create your own style.

Maintains high quality and attention to detail are the core principles of AIGLE. It stresses both fashion and comfort in its products. In order to bring different mix-and-match choices for metropolitan women who attach importance to personal style, MACADAMES is available in different length for all types of occasions and weather: high boots, mid-high boots and ankle boots.