Exploring Nature with Urban Sensibility

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Stepping into the time of the year when nature flourishes and life blooms, AIGLE‘s latest 2019 Spring/Summer Collection sets to gear up every urban adventure with functionality and style. AIGLE, the French apparel brand has been renowned for its perfect mix between fashion and practicality for the past 165 years, and the legacy continues with the latest collection, featuring youthful, vibrant color palettes, mesmerizing floral patterns from London's LIBERTY fabric, and the use of GORE-TEX® material, to name a few. In order to capture the essence of this energetic season, where “NATURE IS CALLING”, the Spring/Summer 2019 advertisement have been photographed in London, UK, perfectly coinciding with AIGLE’s vision, in which youthful urbanites are well equipped and ready for the next outdoor getaway.


Sleek Feminine Cutting, Brand New GORE-TEX Designs

Style and functionality continue to permeate the latest AIGLE Spring/Summer collection. For instance, MAIWEEN, the GORE-TEX fishtail parka, demonstrates the perfect multi-functional outerwear with a multitude of colors to choose from, e.g. kaki green, light pink and mustard yellow etc. Fitted with a customizable waistline with an adjustable inside string, together with GORE-TEX’s excellent waterproof, windproof yet highly breathable characteristics, MAIWEEN serves a young lady’s different styling preferences, particularly ideal for any weather condition.

Another notable piece in S/S 2019 is the brand new AMITE GORE-TEX® parka. The celebrated Thermo Kit design is equipped with an adjustable zipper and buttons so that it can be easily attached to a secondary layer, e.g. a fleece or down garment, providing flexibility to adapt to changing weather and seasons. While the GORE-TEX is perfect for waterproofing and ventilating functions, its high-collared outer shell with a hood and an adjustable waist fit exudes cool urban vibes.

Classics Reinvented in Men’s GORE-TEX Jackets

In additions to AIGLE men’s apparel are the brand new COUMELE GORE-TEX and the CHEVI GORE-TEX jackets. The former is inspired by the traditional cut of a men’s jacket, with details like the lapels and buttons, while CHEVI evolves from the classic double breasted trench coat. Both styles, made from waterproof, windproof and breathable GORE-TEX material, are equipped with removable hoods, so that they would be fitting for different styling needs with their impeccable smart casual cuttings.

Memory Shape Fabric with Style and Comfort

Memory Shape fabric continues to be featured in the ladies’ COUMETI and men’s AUDA jackets. A water repellent, UV-reflecting modern fabric, it allows the garment to adapt and slowly morph to accustom to the wearer’s body. While both COUMETI and AUBA are perfect for mixing and matching with everyday casual wear, men’s AUDA even resembles a classic bomber flight jacket, yet with a functional twist, easily becoming one of the men’s wardrobe must-haves.

World Famous LIBERTY® Fabric Fuses Floral Poetry in the AIGLE shirt

Apart from the latest outerwear addition, AIGLE once again teamed up with world-renowned Liberty® Fabric to create the print shirt, FIELDSAND LIB N for ladies. This new style is created with Sea Petals, a Liberty Cotton Lawn. Printed with sea flowers in vibrant colors, the fabric is a lightweight cotton, soft to touch, comfortable to wear. The colorful daisies channel the liveliness and romance in Spring.

Modern Evolution of the Classic AIGLE Wellingtons

A staple item in the brand's 165-year legacy, the AIGLE boots are handmade in France to encompass craftsmanship, functionality and durability with a timeless French style. Inspired by men's hunting boots, the original AIGLENTINE® is beloved by ladies as the perfect "the boyfriend boots", equipped with the signature gusset and buckles, a wider upper and a looser shaft; while the latest reinvention of the AIGLENTINE® COL rubber boots serves as a stylish update on its predecessor. AIGLENTINE® COL is based on the cutting of the traditional equestrian footwear, gusset and buckles eliminated, with an eye-catching color block added to the shaft to create a vibrant contrast. Waterproof, functional yet chic, AIGLENTINE® COL is perfectly adaptable to any style and weather situation.