Following CHANTEBLLE, AIGLENTINE and MISS JULIETTE, now AIGLE latest rubber boots collection MACADAMES is ready to unveil its unconventional new image and stir a colossal wave of French rock and roll!

MACADAMES constitute a tribute to the modern, independent and active woman who always makes bolder choices. By showcasing a pretty city-lover riding freely on her motorbike and patiently waiting for a small family of hedgehogs to cross the road, the advertisements demonstrate the harmony between human beings and the nature in a humorous way. MACADAMES embody the hedgehog which has a doughty appearance though soft and warm at heart. The advertisements also present the urban rock style of MADACAMES which makes the collection go beyond the traditional rain boots, being the perfect fashion accessory and an essential component of the wardrobe for every urban woman who cares about being stylish.


The brand new MACADAMES ladies’ rubber boots are now available in AIGLE stores. Stay tuned to our latest advertisement which will be rolled out on different outdoor lightboxes and online platforms.