Over the past 170 years, the AIGLE logo has evolved in order to continually reflect the brand's pioneering spirit. Today, a new logo AIGLE 1853 logo has been unveiled. This is yet another step in redefining the brand's visual identity. It reflects the sustainable ethos underpinning AIGLE creations. This new logo is the perfect combination of style, substance and timeless elegance. It has become the powerful symbol of a community that is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

More than just a founding date, 1853 has become a symbol in its own right. Positioned vertically, it is both an anchor point and compass to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. The typography is inspired by printed lettering and manual work, paying homage to the industrial and personal skills passed down from one generation of master rubber boot makers to the next. The roundness of the letters is a reference to the craftsmanship and the softness of our signature natural rubber, as well as the uniqueness of our creativity. 


"AIGLE 1853 is inspired by our archives, testament to our industrial and artisanal know-how passed down by our master rubber bootmakers and also demonstrates our ability to reinvent ourselves. This new logo strengthens our ties with the community that shares AIGLE's values. It is a symbol of our shared commitment to sustainable fashion and an economic model that is beneficial to the planet as well as to the men and women who inhabit it."– CEO of AIGLE, Sandrine Conseiller


"Since we first joined AIGLE, our to-do list has included reworking all the codes of the silhouette – not only through the products and volumes, but also through the brand identity. The 1853 AIGLE logo highlights our commitment to preserving the brand's heritage while giving it a more contemporary edge."- Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Egry and José Lamali, artistic directors at AIGLE and co-founders of Études Studio

The lines have evolved, adapting to a new reality. In cities in the throes of transformation, they accompany and encourage our every move. Weather is no longer a factor, thanks to the technicity of the water-repellent materials or an MTD membrane.

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