Clothing in tune with your sensations, with lightweight construction to give you the freedom to move how you want.

Durable and long-lasting, for a different way of thinking about fashion.

Thirty years ago, AIGLE and Lonely Planet had launched the "Traveller's Ethical Charter". And this year we are finally collaborating for the second time, put together a selection of French local attractions and launching exclusive travel guide "Esprit Libre". To promote responsible tourism and put in joint effort in the protection of the environment while travelling.


AIGLE and Lonely Planet are working together to uphold our vison of travel, with a selection of favourites attractions from Études, the brand's artistic directors. Allow us to guide you to explore urban wildernesses, surprising encounters with wildlife in France...

"Esprit Libre" is about exploring and (re)discovering France, in a modern and committed way, and being environmentally aware. Our goal is to encourage good practices when travelling, AIGLE invites you to immerse in the beauty of – natural, architectural and iexperimental forms.

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