Hong Kong multi-media producer, Colin Mak. With a passion for Canto-pop, he switched to work behind-the-scenes as music producer in recent years.

Colin believes that city and nature are inseparable in life. Only by combining the two we can bring stimulation to life, just as how it has provided AIGLE with a brand-new image this coming season.

To Colin, music is not only a part of his life, but also a platform to express himself. Therefore, he likes to make playlist every day to share his mood and thoughts.


Moving on from the role of a radio host, how do you reframe the work you do? How is the way you connect with your audience different from the past?

My work is now more diverse. In my radio days, besides hosting shows I was also involved in work behind the scene. Now I spend more time on a range of backstage work, for artists and shows. I also have a new role as a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. I hope to take this chance to meet more young people and learn more about them, while expanding my own horizons.

I of course still appear on-screen and continue to share my music selection across platforms. I have created playlists on KKBOX, Spotify; and would like to keep connecting with my audience once a week or a fortnight. I will also appear on-screen on platform like Facebook and Instagram.


What role does music play in your life?

To many, music is a part of their lives, listening to different music in different moods. To me, music is more than that; it's a platform which I can express my thoughts and emotions. Music to me is like a paintbrush to a painter. Even though I no longer work on air, I still make a habit of creating a playlist to express how I feel at the moment, or on that day, which can speak for me.

What does Canto-pop mean to you?

Canto-pop is about how it relates to the city. That is also why I am committed to the genre. It is created locally - from composers, lyricists, producers and performers, to art directors and cinematographers – they express their feelings and emotions about this place into the music. To me this is what makes Canto-pop unique, and why it is so important as my way of expression. Canto-pop is a reflection of the people here; it speaks for different people and stories in different time frame. Revisiting the songs we made decades ago, you will find the spirit and stories of the city at that point of the time.

How did you select songs for this “AIGLE MAKERS” Campaign playlist? What does it say about you? How do you think are life, work, cityscape and nature related?

I intended to create only one playlist at the beginning. But then I wanted to make it more interesting by splitting it into two parts to be in tune with the concept of 'Living as wandering between urban and nature, all day every day'. This is actually how I spend my time now; I live in the suburbs and I need to travel to the heart of the city for my work. This allows me to feel the pulse of the city while having an escape from the hustle and bustle, striking a balance between city life and nature.

The two-part playlist includes 'Day', representing nature, and 'Night', representing the city for the contrast. The city is so busy during the day that makes me want to escape into nature. Songs I picked for this part are relaxing and lively; we return to the city with songs in the 'Night' part of the playlist, to enjoy the unique night view and vibe in Hong Kong.

What do you think about AIGLE? How do the pieces feel on you?

It fits the way I live now. The styles this season cater well to the needs of my daily life. Unlike regular outdoor clothing, the designs have a more urban, minimalist flair that is also well-suited for business meetings; my favourite feature is the waterproof GORE-TEX fabric that makes commuting in inclement weather more bearable.



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