This Fall/Winter, AIGLE continues the global AIGLE MAKERS campaign, invites creative people from different fields, bringing out their relationship with urban city and nature, to create connection between AIGLE and your everyday lives. The latest FW22 AIGLE MAKERS campaign features Hong Kong’s renowned cross-media creator Kearen Pang, inviting her to share how her creative journey intertwines with fashion and daily lives, as well as her source of inspiration and life experiences.

Kearen Pang is wearing our latest FW22 collection, specially featuring AIGLE Hong Kong 25th anniversary limited edition GORE-TEX parka and natural rubber boots. She is dressed in two different fashionable and chic French look suitable for the city and the outdoor, to bring out the elegant and sophisticated side of her.


What sparked your interest towards art & drama?

As a child, I loved Hong Kong movies and my father enjoyed taking me to the theatre, my interest in film and acting was nurtured from that time on. I hoped that acting would become my career one day, believing that it would be a blessing. When I studied in secondary school, I began to get in touch with drama and confirmed my interest in drama.



Where is your inspiration come from?

In the past, my creative work was inspired from my own feelings. I have many questions towards life and the world, so I wanted to explore these subjects through creation. Until now, I still hope to keep my unique feeling for each creative topic and insist in exploring different subjects. I am also looking forward to continue exploring different human characteristics. Because people have many facets and are very intriguing.



What has changed in your creative journey when you transform from being a stage actress to a film director?

The investors’ hopes became a new concern of mine after becoming a film director. In the past, when I was working in theater, the investor was only myself, and I was able to create freely and present it on stage. But since joining the film industry, I am no longer the only decision maker, that is a huge change in the creative path. But I am very lucky to have met investors who trusted me and believed in my creative abilities. The most important thing on the creative path is to build people's trust in you, because only when people believe in you, they will give you the opportunity to do what you wanted to.

How “creation” influenced you in your life and career?

My career is all about creativity, while my creation begins from life, so they are closely connected.

What do you want to record through your work?

What I want to record most is my form and beliefs at that moment, I feel that every piece of my work up till now is centered around the people and events I encountered. They are the inspiration of my works, like a notebook of my life. I will always remember that "29+1" was created based on my own feelings, observations, and imagination when I was 30 years old, and that "Mama’s Affair" was based on the people I met during my two-year gap. What I want to record most in my creation is my life, different works are records of different periods of my life.

As a cross-media creator, how would you describe yourself?

To me, the role of cross-media creator means a lot. Media is only a medium, what matters is the “soul” behind my creation. The work does not necessarily have to express a specific message, but there must be something that I want to bring out from my heart when creating it, and then present it through different media. The way of presentation is related to one's mastery of different techniques. Because different medium involves different skill sets, for example creating a drama or a film. I am certainly still learning, but I also feel happy that I can create across media. Each medium has given me the opportunity to accumulate valuable experience and apply it to another. When I return to theatre from film production, I bring some of my cinematography sense back to theatre design.


You have traveled a lot due to work, which place influenced you the most? Do you prefer urban city or rural areas?

I have completely different experience from different places. For instance, I studied in Paris, so that inspired me to put this element into “29+1”. I have also visited New York and lived there for almost three months, I found myself enjoying that busy cosmopolitan.

I often leave people with the impression of a city girl myself. But I am a nature lover and live in the rural area. When I shot “29+1”, the film was about a city girl. However, my second film, "Goodbye but goodbye", is about a girl from the countryside in Hong Kong. I think in my work I can show different kinds of people living different kinds of lives.

What are your thoughts on AIGLE? When you wear AIGLE, how do you feel?

I love myself in different styles and outfits. When I wear AIGLE, I feel full of energy, and I am ready to explore. Especially when I'm working, AIGLE is my first choice. It's lightweight and flexible, so it's easy to style when I'm working outside. AIGLE’s apparels are very stylish and chic, which is perfect for people like me who like to dress up but also need to stay outdoor a lot.




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