Positive impact  (n.) : Doing something good today, for tomorrow.


Positive Impact is our response, our commitment, and our optimism to do better. One step at a time.


Because it's impossible to ignore the social and climate-related challenges we are currently facing. Because the fashion industry is particularly polluting. Because now is the time and we must make tangible progress. To continue to live their life to the full, leaving nothing behind but their footprints.


This is how we included our purpose in our statutes, making Aigle a Purpose Driven company. To make fashion sustainable and responsible one step at a time.


To make concrete progress, a mission committee accompanies us on a daily basis on these commitments and monitors their successful implementation:






So that every step counts


Aigle, its employees and its suppliers are committed to working with the United Nations by signing the 10 principle charter of the UN Global Compact. This simple and universal commitment is based on ten principles relating to respect for human rights, international labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Aigle also promotes talent. We support or collaborate with entrepreneurs who push the boundaries. For the past year, we have partnered with Ulule, the first crowd-funding organisation, launching positive impact projects and we have supported 4 environmentally responsible projects.


Collective action is also part of our DNA: Aigle is involved in the voluntary sector through Solidarité Paysans: sales of our masks, which are made in France, directly support their efforts to help farmers in financial difficulty.


Finally, we inspire our community every day to make little changes to support more sustainable consumption. For example, during RRR Week (Repair, Reuse, Recycle), we invite everyone to take care of their clothes over time and repair them rather than replacing them. When these gestures are adopted on a large scale, they make a real difference.



Taking action for the planet, one step at a time.


We are UNFCCC partners. This charter for the textile industry commits its members (as well as their suppliers and employees) to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 46% within the next 10 years.


As signatories of the Fashion Pact, we are gradually eliminating the use of single-use plastic and over-packaging.


To go further, and take action in favour of nature and biodiversity, AIGLE takes part in numerous impactful projects with its partners: GoodPlanet and its reforestation projects, Merci Raymond for creating green urban areas, the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds), for the protection of eagles, etc.



With an effort on materials, more sustainable and responsible.


With a focus on materials that are more durable and responsibly sourced. Our full carbon footprint (Scope 3) has led to a real increase in awareness: 78% of our carbon footprint comes from our purchases.


This is where we are now focusing our efforts to reduce our impact: by 2022, we want more than 50% of our products to be made up of responsible products – a product that lasts a long time, designed with sustainable material (recycled, organic and animal-friendly material) and sourced under good working conditions.


At the same time, we advocate Slow Fashion, and circular fashion rather than fast fashion. Our second-hand platform Second Souffle allows our customers to recycle clothes and boots they might have lying around at the bottom of their wardrobes and receive vouchers in exchange. Each product returned to Aigle is cleaned and restored so it can be put back into circulation immediately at a lower price.


We also represent French craftsmanship: in Ingrandes, on the banks of the Vienne, our historic factory is a jewel in which two hundred master rubber craftsmen have been making our boots every day since 1853.


French manufacturing has always been part of the brand's DNA, and for us it represents a social commitment, passing on our expertise and promoting the use of a natural material through our rubber.
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