A French green house interior design bringing a fresh natural vibe into the city.

In spreading the French lifestyle notion of “home” across the globe, Aigle has especially brought upon a green house interior design from their historical store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés straight to Hong Kong, welcoming a complete renovation at their Festival Walk store this August. Introducing natural light from their store, the designer hopes to let consumers experience an all-natural oasis- like feeling within the busy cityscape of Hong Kong.

Using Saint-Germain-des-Prés France as blueprint
The latest Flagship store vibrants with a French antique vibe

Situated on the top level of Festival Walk, nearest 2,000 square ft. Aigle flagship store uses Saint-Germain-des-Prés as its design blue print, making it the latest Greenhouse concept flagship store here in Hong Kong. The newest flagship store design blends in a strong feeling of French antiquity by furnishing the 4 room spaces with antique furniture. Separated into rooms for women, men, children and a greenhouse for their rubber boots; the womenswear room is toned with an off white palette, where the latest autumn winter sets are placed within closets, making the display appear much like a young girl's room. In order to bring elements of a casual French style home to Hong Kong, the designer even flown in a Louis XIV era stove to complete and perfect the brand's insistence on the French tradition. As for the menswear room, wooden floor panels and old brick tiles are implemented to create a rough feeling, with two wooden made deer head decorations hanging on the wall to represent men's passion for nature and the heritage of encompassing a hunting spirit. Apart from that, a first ever children's room is constructed and filled with different innocent and interesting components as decorative to enhance the feeling of home; with it including elements such as alphabet printed wallpapers, chalkboards and rubber boot shaped height measurers just to name a few. This time, the classic wooden boot bar is even reformed into being a greenhouse design, further emphasizing Aigle's most historically representative rubber boots.

The overall atmosphere of the newest flagship store is detailed, authentic and casual, with the interior ceilings of the store using stain glass window designs from classical European Churches. From wooden pillars of the basement to wooden floorings, tapestries, fire places and stoves; each space is furnished to resemble a real home. Every room's decoration, atmosphere and furniture are all distinctly selected. There is even a bedroom, a city garden like green house and an exhibition wall, making guests being welcomed as if entering a warm home. A majority of the furniture is hand-picked by the designer and imported directly from France so that customers can situate themselves within a classical French design environment during their shopping experience, for Aigle's history and the story behind their products to be felt.