This October, AIGLE new concept store opens in K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui. With the theme “ESCAPE”, AIGLE collaborated with a number of local entities that share the same value on sustainability to curate a green and fashionable space with both urban and nature elements, bringing you out from the hustle and bustle of the city life to a whole new green shopping experience surround by nature. 

AIGLE has always encouraged cooperation with local entities to reduce carbon emissions caused by transportation, which is in line with its sustainable commitment. The new K11 MUSEA store is no exception, we are joining hands with three local brands that also support environmental protection, to add in green elements to the store, giving customers a different shopping experience.

Preserved Plant Art Expert

Local Wood Recycling Company
HK Timberbank

Local Sustainable Design Expert

Preserved Plant Art Expert QUESTterrarium

AIGLE collaborates with QUESTterrarium, specializes in the creation of preserved plant art, for the first time. The plants in the store will change according to the seasons, for example this month's selection is featuring miscanthus, to hint on the current season, setting the right mood for the launch of AIGLE's FW22 "FALL SENSATIONS" collection. The golden miscanthus at the ceiling, add in a warm sensation of the season, bringing you instantly to the countryside. 

Local Wood Recycling Company HK Timberbank


Adhering the brand’s commitment on sustainability , AIGLE also collaborates with local wood recycling company  HK Timberbank, to design a number of key eco-friendly displays in the store using locally sourced timber. The supporting log beneath the stone-shape display at the entrance is made from unwanted wood from Wan Chai pier, while the shoe displays area are from recycled trees from various parts of Hong Kong, across the Island, Kowloon and New Territories. They were all carefully processed by Hong Kong Timberbank, from collection, drying, cutting and polishing to coloring, the store display installations demonstrate design flares combined with environmental conservation. Some of the recycled wood in the store are painted in natural mineral coating (@Graphenstone), which can absorb carbon dioxide. The thoughtfulness in each and every process shows the dedication to environmental protection.

Local Sustainable Design Expert OOObject 

AIGLE collaborates, once again, with local sustainable design expert OOObject . They recycled fabrics and transformed them into the “ECOs Brick” wall at our store, resembles a forest with its textural vertical lines. It is a great demonstration on how to make the best use of waste materials, and how to implement eco retail design in stores through science and research. Through the series of collaborations, AIGLE aims to reduce environmental damage by selecting eco-friendly materials, and implementing the brand concept of sustainable fashion from the operational aspect.

Collaboration with various Local Entities in Hong Kong:

QUESTterrarium is a game changer composed of aesthetics and science, founded in 1994 by environmental creative pioneer Mr. Kee Wah Lam, with an extensive background in material research, advanced sustainable designs, and forward-thinking recycling engineering. They believe in the power of their ideas, in transforming industries and solving environmental challenges.


HK Timberbank is an eco-friendly social enterprise with the concept "R3 - ReCYCLE,ReDESIGN,ReLINK”. Founded by local architectural artist Ricci Wong in 2019 to promote eco recycling on industrial level, mainly by collecting, processing and drying timber that were cut down due to development, aging or typhoon. It combines aesthetic design and environmental reuse, transforms trees that were originally heading towards the landfills into beautiful wood that connects people and nature, so that wood resources can be regenerated to bring greater value to society. Since mid-2019, HKTimberbank has collected nearly 700 tons of discarded trees


OOObject  is a home living brand that specializes in the creation of preserved plant art. Founded in 2013 by artist Timothy W., it aims to bring the suburban experience into urban living spaces with modern concepts and techniques - living green walls, preserved plant art, plant styling and landscaping work - offering high-end plant works that blend art and decoration.