For Spring-Summer 2018, outdoor lifestyle brand AIGLE collaborates with OMY to launch a crossover collection. OMY’s unique artistic vision has been skillfully expressed through the new looks of LOLLY POP and BABY FLAC, the ideal rubber boots for children for over 40 years. Design highlights are the fun-packed graffiti print and the cheerful yellow color of the signature stripes, this refreshing new look will definitely win the hearts of both children and their parents!


Behind French brand OMY are two Parisian designers and illustrators - Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé who are passionate in creating outside-the-box graphics. One of OMY’s most popular products – the giant coloring roll has encouraged kids to develop active imaginations and discover the wonders awaiting them. Inspired by elements that reminds AIGLE’s historic playgrounds: the rain, the sea, the countryside and outdoor activities, OMY decorates LOLLY POP with distinctive graphics and vibrant color palettes that fosters children’s boundless imaginations. Combined with its functionality, LOLLY POP is the best companion of young explorer during their adventures in different weather conditions.

Continuing more than 40-year history and become a household name of children’s rubber boots in France, LOLLY POP are made from highly elastic and durable rubbers to give children unparalleled comfort and protection to cope with tough weather. Also, the classic dual stripes and reflective strip on the heel allows children to be visible and stay safe no matter on rainy days or at night. The perfect compromise between function and fashion of LOLLY POP boots are favored by various celebrity parents: little prince charming of the British royal family, Prince George of Cambridge and the son of renowned actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr, Flynn Bloom have been spotted wearing LOLLY POP, which made it one of the most popular kids footwear nowadays.