Brand Story

Aigle, Master Rubber craftsman since 1853, continues to hand make its boots in France. In doing so, Aigle continues to foster a unique expertise, protecting mankind from the elements. Equipped with this legacy, Aigle boots, shoes and clothing clothing combine authenticity, style and practicality. High quality and attention to detail are the core principles of every collection design, which guarantee a perfected and long-lasting product.

Brand Story

160 years of tradition

A unique French expertise, passed down from generation to generation for 160 years in our Châtellerault workshops.


Master Rubber craftsman,
a craft

Our 200 Master Rubber craftsman hand make
almost 4,000 pairs of boots
every day.


A meticulous manufacturing process

It takes a Master Rubber craftsman 2 years
to fully master the 60 production steps required
to make one boot. Each boot is individually checked
to ensure it is waterproof.


A natural
organic material

2kg of rubber are needed to make one pair of boots.

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