A pioneer in sustainable fashion since the first pair of rubber boots was designed in 1853, AIGLE has always designed its collections in a responsible manner.

Since 2020, AIGLE has chosen to honour this heritage and formalise its commitments by becoming a company with a mission to “Allow everyone to fully live experiences without leaving any other trace than those of their footprints.” 

This raison d'être, written into our articles of association in accordance with the Loi Pacte, commits us to achieving clear social and environmental objectives. A mission committee monitors our decisions and reports annually on our commitments.

Our social
responsibility policy
is based on 3 pillars:

Products made to last and manufactured with respect for the environment.
Placing people at the heart of our company's concerns
Preserving the planet and its resources.

Extra-financial performance statement



Our products are designed in keeping with the latest trends, for all weathers and built to last. Quality controls guarantee our commitment to sustainability.

Our sustainable and responsible products

At AIGLE, a product is eco-responsible if it meets one of these two criteria:

  • It is "Made in France"
  • Its main material is composed of at least 50% eco fibres. For a filled product, the padding should be made of 100% eco fibres.

The eco fibres allowed are those that are certified and recognised, such as GOTS organic cotton or GRS recycled polyester.

50% of our products were eco-responsible for the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection.

66% of our water-repellent parts are PFC free, the rest are PFC C6. We have banned PFC8s, which are considered to be the most harmful to the environment. We respect the list of prohibited substances resulting from REACH regulations.

Our « Made in France » boots

Labeled "Origine France Garantie" since 2016, our iconic boots are handmade, in part, from natural rubber, which comes from the processing of latex produced by the rubber tree. We are proud to continue this artisan design thanks to the 194 master bootmakers in the last French boot factory in Ingrandes-sur-Vienne.

Stop wasting! Most of the unvulcanised rubber offcuts are reused for different parts of the boot.

Focus on the circular economy

By promoting the circular economy, AIGLE France acts to extend the fashion cycle:

  • #RRRR Campaign: our participation in the collective and digital Re-Pair, Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Duce campaign encourages the repair and reuse of products still in good condition and recycling of those at the end of their life to reduce waste.
  • Repair workshops: in the heart of our shops, we invite experts for quick alterations.
  • In-store collections: with our partner I:CO, all our AIGLE shops in France have become collection points to give new life to products or recycle them.

Respectful manufacturing

AIGLE is a signatory to the Global Compact, a United Nations initiative to promote principles relating to human rights, labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption. Our Ethics Charter is aligned with these principles.

By 2022, 86% of our Tier 1 suppliers have signed our Charter.

Our Tier 1 factories are audited annually against the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS) standards to assess their working conditions. By 2022, 56% of our Tier 1 suppliers have been classified as ICS B > 80%. (A being the best grade, the percentage indicates the degree of compliance of the factory).Our target is 100% by 2025.

Transparency and traceability

Through our traceability project, in partnership with Footbridge, we aim to trace our entire supply chain back to the raw material and conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to better measure the impact of our products. For the Autumn-Winter 2022 season, 26% of our clothing and accessories lines were equipped with a special traceability QR code.

Our key figures*

Émissions de gaz à effet de serre

of our products were eco-responsible during the FW22 season.

Produits responsables

of our employees in France have taken at least one training course.

Énergie renouvelable

of our Tier 1 suppliers have signed our ethical charter.

*in 2022


Promoting diversity, helping teams to grow through training and encouraging solidarity through associations… AIGLE places people at the heart of its concerns.


All our job offers are open to people with disabilities in order to promote equal opportunities. In 2022, the figure for the direct employment rate of disabled workers was 3.68%.

Since the Professional Future Act, France, of 2018, AIGLE has published its Gender Equality Index. In 2022, AIGLE had a score of 94/100.


We ensure development of the skills and employability of all our employees. In 2022, 43% of our employees in France took at least one training course.


By collecting funds during solidarity campaigns, and thanks to donations, we support associations that act on a daily basis, such as Fringuette, Les Restos du cœur or Touraine Madagascar.



AIGLE's creations invite you to reconnect with nature. To preserve it, we must face up to the environmental challenges.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We regularly calculate our carbon footprint to monitor and reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2019, our carbon footprint was 90,974 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2eq). The calculation is underway for the year 2022 and will be published during 2023.

Our ambitious decarbonisation plan by 2030 is in line with the Paris Agreements:

  • For direct emissions from our activities (scopes 1 & 2): -46.2% in absolute terms
  • For emissions upstream and downstream of our activities (scope 3): -55% per product sold

3 concrete actions:

  1. Working on the collection to reduce GHG emissions
  2. Pay particular attention to the management of our transport
  3. Reduce our energy consumption at our Paris headquarters, in our shops and at our Ingrandes site — in particular by installing solar panels.

Managing our waste

We sort and recycle 100% of the waste from our headquarters in Paris. At our industrial site in Ingrandes, the proportion of recycled waste is increasing. Our packaging is recyclable: e-commerce pouches are made of recycled cardboard and our in-store bagging is FSC or PEFC certified, from sustainably managed forests.

Preserving biodiversity

With the eagle as a symbol, ensuring the balance of biodiversity is one of our priorities. Our financial commitment to the Ligue de la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO - French League for the Protection of Birds) allows us to take concrete action in the field to save bird species. In 2022, 17 eagles were rescued in LPO care centres.

Raising collective awareness

Together, we are committed to the planet:

  • The AIGLE x Lonely Planet guide promotes responsible travel across France.
  • The Art and Ecology" MOOC of the Centre Pompidou, supported by AIGLE, offers users the opportunity to learn for free, in French and in English.


AIGLE has committed to sustainability by signing the most ambitious charters in the textile industry:

The Fashion Pact:

A coalition of textile companies that sets concrete targets to protect the environment.


A United Nations Code of Conduct to Combat Climate Change.

UN Global Compact:

The United Nations’ programme for more sustainable trade, from working conditions to the environment.


SBTi is an international body that validates the alignment of companies' greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with the scientific recommendations drawn up during the Paris Agreement, a global agreement that aims to limit global warming by 2100 to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Textile Exchange:

An independent partner that certifies and guarantees the responsible materials we use, such as GOTS, OCS or GRS.


This acronym is authoritative in the leather industry for products that are less polluting (particularly during tanning) and better traced. All the players in the chain are involved, from designers to tanneries and manufacturing plants.

Are you as passionate about the subject as we are? Do you have any questions about our social and environmental commitments?
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